Application development is becoming increasingly more concerned with issues such as integration. ePlatform is highly flexible in the way that it integrates with other systems. The framework solves issues concerning integration with a set of standard components.
Enterprise Service Bus
The ePlatform framework offers generic components with which it is possible to communicate over an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) using Java Message service (JMS). JMS is a standard J2EE API for sending and receiving messages. Using JMS allows interfaces to be loosely coupled. This kind of interface has a distinct advantage by removing dependences between systems. This improves control and reliability. More information...
Web Services
ePlatform supports the use of web services by using the open source project Axis. The framework incorporates the ability to both call and create web services. More information...
Batch links
Another important part of the framework is the import module. This module offers the functionality to execute batch-processes in several formats. Supported formats are: Fixed length, Tab Separated. If required the framework can be extended with other formats, like XML.
Realise applications with an assembly process