Process and context
A process seldom consists of a fixed sequence of tasks. In the real world it is important to have a flexible approach with regards to the flow of processes. ePlatform offers flexible support for user processes in a number of ways.
Flexible dossier
An ePlatform dossier is a computerized representation of data concerning a person, object or process, similar to the well-known paper dossier. By collecting all of the data in a centralized dossier an up-to-date and complete picture arises. The data is stored as a combination of structured (relational) and non structured (XML, PDF) data. The dossier component also offers fine grained authorization which is configured at a person, role or organisation level.
A dossier always has a particular status depending on previously performed tasks. Modifications to a dossier are carried out by means of tasks. The availability of a task depends on the dossier status and user authorization. Authorization is determined on the basis of form, involvement, person, role and organization.
Rules are defined by means of business rules. A business rule effectively determines when actions are executed. Rules can be evaluated after a user event or the receipt of a message. A rule can be configured for both automatic and manual actions.
Rules and their parameters are configurable, and are easily adjusted.
Realise applications with an assembly process