ePlatform applications allow several agencies to work at the same dossier in parallel. Chain partners can enrich (authorized) every dossier.
ePlatform provides several forms of authentication (userid/password, PKI, LDAP, Active Directory) which can be used in parallel. This way strong security can be enforced over multiple agencies, while each can stay compliant within it's own company rules.
Exceptional situations as disruption of service or exceeding of threshold values can have large influence on the work process. The signaling function in the ePlatform framework performs real-time monitoring of such situations and will if required notice users by means of e-mail or SMS.
Chain management
ePlatform Framework offers chain partners the possibility to participate in the same process using the same application, for example over internet. A system-to-system integration is also possible. This way the overall investment for all partners can be diminished dramatically.
Realise applications with an assembly process